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Our Story

Evidence suggests that the Chemists Golf Club itself existed prior to World War II as seen in a photograph at the PSA office from 1939. The Queensland Chemists Golf Club, as we know it, was formed as a result of a meeting held in the Pharmacy Guild Rooms, Drysdale Chambers some years later on Tuesday, 29th of November 1952. A book of rules was agreed upon by the very first Office Bearers and the membership fee was set at one Guinea. Find out more…

Office Bearers

Mark Kleimeyer


0412 489 518

John Neilson


0414 719 212

Peter White


0418 988 914

Matthew Doherty


0422 823 628

Other Committee Members

Vice PresidentJohn Scott
Vice CaptainMatthew Newman
ITRobert Bosworth
Label MasterTom Garde
CommitteeMark Nicholson, Tom Garde, Jackie Keily, Robert Tucker 
The dedication, integrity, competence and insight of this committee is what makes this club a success!

ABN 53 617 648 828

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